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 Radio Broadcast of Schoenberg Piano Concerto on New York’s Classical Radio Station WQXR :
    Radio host Bob Sherman commends my “brilliant performance” of the Schoenberg Piano Concerto with the Oberlin Chamber
    Orchestra on the June 6 edition of McGraw-Hill Companies’ Young Artists Showcase on New York’s Classical Radio Station, 
    WQXR.  The broadcast and features an excerpt of the last movement, starting at 32:15.  The whole concerto is included as a 
    “Bonus Track.”!/story/213942-name-that-composer-a-tribute-to-karl-haas/shapeimage_4_link_0
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 Radio Broadcast of Oerknal! Meets De Beren Gieren Live @ Bimhuis on VPRO (Netherlands)
    Works by Mark Barden, John Zorn and Lewis Nielsen interlaced between numbers by the amazing Belgian jazz trio, De        
    Beren Gieren.  Read Written in Music’s review here.
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