Under the instruction of Richard Auber from Zuckermann Harpischords, I built a 45-key replica of a fretted clavichord nicknamed the “King of Sweden,” after a seventeenth-century German instrument (featured in the photograph on the right) once reputed to belong to a Swedish King.  I also assisted Robert Murphy, Historical Piano Technician at Oberlin College, with repairs to an 1803 Broadwood model piano.
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VI Annual Meeting of the MOISA International Society for the Study of Greek and Roman Music and its Cultural Heritage                                           Agrigento, Sicily - May 14-16, 2013
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[also appears in Iran’s Music Report Magazine, March-April 2012, vol. 47 no. translated by Farshad Moshfeghi]
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Barbaro’s Della Musica and the Mechanics of Vitruvian Music Theory and Practice
Frozen Music: Music and Architecture in Vitruvius’ De ArchitecturaWritings_Other_files/walden.grmsvitruvius.pdfWritings_Other_files/walden.grmsvitruvius.pdfshapeimage_22_link_0shapeimage_22_link_1
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Musica Prisca Caput: Vitruvian Music Theory and Enharmonicism in Sixteenth-Century Italy
[as organizer] Work & Play: Economies of Music
2015 Harvard University Annual Graduate Music Forum Conference,                                                                   Cambridge, MA - February 20-21, 2015
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contemporary piano, historical keyboards, writing and research/Users/danielwalden/Desktop/
Charting Boethius: Music and the Diagrammatic Tree in the Cambridge University Library’s De Institutione Arithmetica, Ms II.3.12 Writings_Other_files/walden.earlymusichistory.pdfWritings_Other_files/walden.earlymusichistory.pdfWritings_Other_files/walden.earlymusichistory.pdfshapeimage_44_link_0shapeimage_44_link_1shapeimage_44_link_2
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Music, Nature, and Power in the Gardens of the Villa d’Este
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Decoding Tristan Perich’s Dual Synthesis